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London based Italian pop singer Francesca Guerra releases new single 'Pathetic'

Francesca Guerra is thrilled about the release of her new single 'Pathetic' along with a grasping music video.

'Pathetic' expresses the internal fight between self love and hatred. As sung in the chorus “You can be your own man and never die or you can wait for something that’ll never rise” - expressing the need to stop the self-destructive voice that whispers and simply accept and love yourself.

Ironically this mental health based song has a slightly uptempo vibe to it. Refreshingly, you can enjoy the song without being caught up in the subject matter.

Francesca Guerra composed 'Pathetic' after a breakup that made her doubt her worth. Combining the sonic of Italian Pop, drawing influences from artists such as Biig Piig, Holly Humberstone, Daughter, Eloise, Billie Eilish, Coldplay, and Dua Lipa. Francesca creates a very unique music that can be enjoyed by fans of various genres.

This is one artist to keep an eye on.


Connect with Francesca Guerra: Website



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