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Francesca Guerra - Pathetic (Official Video)
Francesca Guerra - Summer (Official Video)
Francesca Guerra - 100 per 100 (Official Video)
Francesca Guerra (Promo Video)


Francesca Guerra is an Italian singer-songwriter.


She began her musical venture in Rome, then moved to London where she started working on her original music project and graduated from ICMP London Music College.

Francesca's debut release 100 per 100 received excellent response from listeners and media outlets such as brainstorming Magazine that describes '100 per 100' as "a song that makes you want to be heard in an endless loop". Francesca then followed up with her second release 'Summer' in January 14th 2022.

Francesca's music is influenced by artists such as Holly Humberstone, Daughter, Eloise, Billie Eilish and Coldplay.