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Introducing Tom b with "She's Like A Dream" featuring Lucy Wroe

Born in West Somerset and currently based in London, Tom b has been producing and engineering for other bands and artists since 2018, but now has turned his attention inward, creating the music he wants to hear.

She’s Like A Dream” started as a phone recording of some piano chords while Lucy Wroe told a story. This voice note was then transformed into a noisy, trippy, sexy groove through the myriad of edits and sampling that relentless throbs until it abruptly cuts itself short before Lucy begins to sing of infatuation, obsession, and adoration.

Featuring drums, piano (played by Philipp Koerver of German indie band Rooftalk), and double bass recorded on a phone, and guitars, keyboards and a variety of percussion instruments and mouth noises recorded at Tom’s home studio, “She’s Like A Dream” creates a layered, rolling sonic landscape to get lost in.

Tom b says “The ethos of the whole ‘Tom b’ project stems from me floating around during the lockdowns not knowing what to do with my life. Just do something. Anything. Record something on your phone, who cares if it sounds a bit roomy or dull, make something weird out of it, people might hate it, but at least you’ll have DONE something.”

She’s Like A Dream” follows Tom’s debut 2022 EP “Little Songs” which was a tapestry-esque production calling card, reminiscent of lo-fi US acts such as The Microphones, Alex G, and The Books.

Lucy Wroe says “when I wrote it I was kind of imagining watching somebody, being in a room with that person you’re obsessing over, and watching them glow. Like when you’re in the middle of your first teenage romance, and you feel like an idiot because you can’t get your words out. Kind of how I imagine being a guy in school, walking up to these super confident girls, and being beaten down repeatedly because they have no idea how much you idolised them”

Tom b and Lucy Wroe have worked together on many songs including Lucys latest masterpiece "Better", which was co-written and produced by Tom b. "She's Like A Dream" is yet another successful collaboration from the two credible experts further solidifying their talent and credibility.


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