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Fiesty new single from Lucy Wroe - 'Better' out now

Author: Amelia

Lucy Wroe is a 23-year-old emerging talent from Winchester with a captivating vocal, cleverly creative lyrics, and catchy hooks. After moving to London to study and pursue a career in music, the artist has found herself with a vast amount of amazing music to share.

As well as her passion for music, both in creating and listening to it, Lucy has many other creative and fashionable hobbies.

"I used to dance a lot! It may have been in my living room with my headphones on but it always felt great, so this is something I am rediscovering with my upcoming releases as it partners really well with my new sound. Fashion is a huge interest of mine but again an interest that has been a hobby, and now that I’m defining myself a bit more artistically I’m starting to bring that into the picture, including my sacred collection of boots! And of course I’m a collector of colourful eyeliners since my early teens, which is only getting more colourful by the year…".

We were lucky enough to hear the "new sound" Lucy refers to before the release of 'Better'. When we asked about her influences and inspiration to make music, Lucy told us;

"There was so much music in my childhood, of all kinds. I could lie and tell you about my first brush with the genius of The Beatles, but some of my strongest memories are of being in the playground and forming a tribute to Girls Aloud (I was Kimberley Walsh). My first instrument was the cello, but 2000’s pop absolutely defined the way I wrote my first songs, and seeing all the stars through that decade making their mark made me realise that’s exactly what was meant for me. Granted, a mash up of 70s folk and 80s pop writers had a huge influence on my evolution as an artist too, so I always loved taking threads from all corners of the musical world".

The nod to 00s and 80s pop is definitely present in 'Better', alongside more contemporary influences, with Lucy describing her own sound as,

"the musical lovechild of The Weeknd and Jessie Ware, growing into the electronic pop of Charli XCX and Christine and the Queens".

After listening to Lucy Wroe's latest masterpiece, 'Better', the song was stuck in my head all day. Co-written and produced by Tom Berry of The Corner Productions, 'Better' boasts warm R'n'B grooves and electronic pop production. It beautifully showcases Lucy's vocal, which has the rare ability to demonstrate a strong and punchy sound whilst remaining effortlessly smooth. I was instantly reminded of a similar singer's talent - Yebba, who manipulates her voice in the same way.

Lucy tells us an important part of being an artist to her is simply having fun, which is evident in the upbeat music she creates. Whilst 'Better' tells the story of the frustration and fury of wasting time repairing a broken relationship, it is done so to a bouncy synths, punchy drums, and a chorus that you just have to dance along to. As the artist herself puts it, she needs to believe herself what she's singing and performing in order for everybody else to, ensuring the relatability of her music.

We asked Lucy who she would compare herself to as an artist, which she states as being a difficult question to answer as she, like many artists, struggles to fit herself and eclectic music influences into a particular box.

"My voice can be reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, and I worship the way she moved through so many styles in her career which is something I can also see myself doing. But in the pop world that I’m heading towards, probably Jessie Ware with her cool, calm presence and aesthetic".

Prior to 'Better', Lucy has released EPs that to her felt like "dipping a toe in the music world but being absolutely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of energy and grit it takes to release music as an independent artist". Like similar successful artists, Lucy found that with more writing, releasing, and experience, she could solidify her footing in the music industry and find a place that just felt right to her. In March 2022, Lucy Wroe released an EP titled 'Same World', which she tells us has been her highlight in the music industry so far. With experience and trial and error in her previous releases came self-assurance, which is evident in 'Same World'.

This confidence has paved the way for 'Better', proving that Lucy is only growing and evolving with the more music she creates, so I am incredibly excited to hear what else Lucy creates in the future.

"Better is the most powerful song I’ve created so far. I’m calling it the ‘onion of pop songs’ because it’s a big bop and a good time on the surface, but it’s all about pent up frustration after working towards something that will never reward you. Anyone can take this sentiment and use it to work through whatever is happening in their lives, so it’s got a lot of layers that each listener can take as they want. There may also be an exciting video to follow this single, which I’m currently working on and I really hope I can pull it together!"

We were keen to ask Lucy what she would like to see more of to support emerging artists like herself.

"For me social media is the hardest part of my career to keep a hold of because it takes so much time and attention, yet it can be so transparent and shallow. So more of a focus on reality, performance opportunities and gigs where promoters fill a room with people who are seeing you for the first time would be incredible. When I play a show where the room is full of people who are ready to discover new music and become real fans it’s the best feeling, but it can be hard to find that. I know there’s an audience out there for me somewhere! Show yourselves!".

Lucy is dedicated to focusing on her creativity this year, opening herself up to collaborations with producers and artists from all backgrounds. Her work ethic and drive in this industry are admirable and clearly taking her career to new levels of success.

Be sure to connect with Lucy on social media, stream 'Better', and support her emergence in the industry in whatever ways you can. She is definitely an artist to watch out for.




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