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'high jump' returns with ethereal second single "CLIIAL"

production duo high jump in a music studio, CLIIAL

London based up-and-coming production duo ‘high jump’ builds on the dreamy and psych-pop vibes of their nostalgic debut single 'M2K' as they continues to expand their captivating sonic universe with their equally assured second single 'CLIIAL'.

"CLIIAL stands for 'Can’t Lose It In A Lifetime', and lyrically the song found inspiration in the Robin Williams quote: "You're only given a little spark of madness - you mustn't lose it". This felt like an appropriate mantra at a time when it’s easy or even tempting to let edges smooth."

From the start of 'CLIIAL' or "Cant Lose It In A Lifetime", you are drawn in by the slick guitar that immediately puts you in a car with windows down on a summer evening, tailing a shimmering sunset. As the track goes on we are introduced to the well pristine vocals that sits effortlessly in the mix, complimenting a smooth baseline, simple yet infections TR-808 backbeat, and then some. 'CLIIAL' is an ethereal song that deserves not only to be heard but experienced.

Harry and Rick, together known 'high jump' is a dream-pop duo who infuse guitar-rooted jams with captivating beats. After forming in 2022 they ignited a collaboration, crafting demos into kinetic, motion-inspired melodies.

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