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Introducing New Dream-Pop Duo ‘high jump’ With Nostalgic Debut Single “M2K”

high jump debut single M2K

Harry and Rick, a newly formed London-based production duo known collectively as 'high jump’ embark on their musical journey with the release of their debut single "M2K".

M2K is a dream-pop song that explores the concept of over-nostalgia and how it can affect our appreciation of the present. An upbeat track that combines contemporary production with guitar-driven melodies, taking inspiration from the likes of Washed Out, Jai Paul, and Blood Orange.

The rivalry between the two multi-instrumentalists bands during their school years served as the catalyst for their inevitable collaboration, which began in 2022. Over the years, they had been exchanging voice notes for song ideas and arrangements. This resulted in joint recording sessions and the creation of "high jump.”

We asked ‘high jump’ to tell us more about their school band rivalry;

“We were actually in rival bands at different schools: Evolver and Hot Vamp Club. One played progressive rock and the other indie pop.. We later became friends while at university and a much-touted musical collab finally started picking up pace in 2022.”

M2K sets a strong foundation for the duo. The smooth song oozes professionalism and experience. 'high jump' says M2K is first of many songs to come, and are set to release new music every month in order to build up to a ambitious project next year. They are excited about what's to come and so are we.


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