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“Better” singer Lucy Wroe returns with an Art Pop EP ‘WAVES’.

Lucy Wroe strides deeper into the Art Pop scene with her new EP 'WAVES', which features a hypnotic trio of songs. WAVES combines Lucy's gorgeously diverse vocal skill with varied artful production, and is about embracing the dullness of lonely nights.

WAVES is the result of a spontaneous production with Lucy's frequent collaborator Tom B of The Corner Productions, driven by smooth synths, Lucy's lively vocal layers, and hip-hop-inspired beats. The three tracks, UPJUMP, WAVE '22, and LAZYBONES were written as a response to feeling alone during a time of isolation and frustration.

After 'UPJUMP's' dose of intensity, 'WAVE '22's' hypnotic nature is a balm that gently spins listeners into a swirl of calmness, ending in 'LAZYBONES's' intentionally heavily pitch corrected vocals, sharing a confession of love, along with a raw and open depiction of reality.

"Writing this project became an outlet for turning the apathy caused by a neverending winter, into a kind of fondness for the monotony of life."

"It almost feels like all the songs are playing inside my head like a personal soundtrack to my regular everyday. They represent that specific period of writing and living, and how I felt then is perfectly reflected in the atmosphere they create."

-Lucy Wroe


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