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Ellie Burke takes the stage in HMV Liverpool on Saturday 1st of April

We are all familiar with HMV, the British music and entertainment retailer keeping physical music alive since 1921 with over 100 stores in England alone. HMV has recently launched HMV LiveAndLocal, offering a great opportunity for unsigned artist and bands to perform and promote their music in HMV Stores.

Liverpool based soft pop artist Ellie Burke will be performing at HMV Store in Liverpool on Saturday 1st of April from 11am! Ellie’s upcoming charming single ‘Together’ will be released on Friday 31st of March (pre-save), a day before her gig in HMV Liverpool so this is a great chance to support Ellie Burke, the passionate up-and-coming singer-songwriter with huge potential for success in the music industry.

Together’ by Ellie Burke is also scheduled to be played on BBC Introducing Merseyside on Saturday 1st of April! A memorable date for Ellie Burke.

So get over to HMV Liverpool on Saturday 1st of April at 11am, enjoy some great music by Ellie Burke and check out HMV Liverpools new look.


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