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DIVIANNE Delivers a Dreamy Debut with "Find a Way Out"

DIVIANNE releases debut EP Find a Way Out on QH Sound

London-based singer-songwriter DIVIANNE has released her stunning debut EP "Find a Way Out," showcasing her silky vocals and skillful songcraft. Across four tracks, DIVIANNE glides between atmospheres of introspection and longing, painting vivid portraits of love and independence through her emotive storytelling.

The production throughout is pristine, with atmospheric instruments and dreamy soundscapes providing the perfect backdrop for DIVIANNE's powerful-yet-vulnerable delivery. Opening track "Oxygen" sets an introspective tone in its exploration of freedom from a loveless relationship. "Underneath the Moonlight" paints a positively clandestine romance, while the angst of "Ghost House" sees her fighting for survival trapped within her own mind.

The EP comes full circle with the uplifting "Brightest Star," a love song embracing your true soulmate who lights up your world. Across these finely crafted songs, DIVIANNE takes the listener on a journey of contrasting emotions that is equal parts cathartic and inspiring.

"I wrote all those songs during lockdown 2020 when I couldn’t perform, writing was all I had left and those songs were my lifeline. I decided at the end of last year it was time to share them with the world.. Making music is truly the joy of my life and i’m so grateful for everyone who was involved"

With her haunting melodies and relatable lyrics, DIVIANNE evokes comparisons to Lana Del Rey in her ability to immerse the listener in a dreamlike soundscape. Having honed her craft playing London's underground circuit, this promising debut suggests DIVIANNE is an artist destined for bigger stages. "Find a Way Out" marks the arrival of a compelling new voice in alternative pop.

"Find a Way Out" is available to stream and download on all major digital music platforms.



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