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Discover sensational pop singer June and "Super Love"

June's electric house sound shimmers brightly against her smooth, vibrant vocals to create a unique and soothing pop music reminiscent of late 80's. June's blend of unique, exotic instruments and vocals makes you want to get past the troubles and just dance!

We discovered June with her single "Super Love". A song based on her personal experience.

"Super Love" is a candid approach to the manifestation of love, desire, how we often find that "Super Love" when we least expect and not wanting to lose it even though we thought we didn't want it in the first place.. We can all relate to that.

"You caught me by surprise by surprise

I'm falling in so look me in the eyes

Baby I'm right here

Don't disappear"

June's music is an exploration of emotions and self-reflection. Her pure, sincere and unique approach to songwriting mixed with her uptempo production and vibrant visuals makes June a promising artist. One to watch.


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