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Discover: Jayde Riannia and her debut release "Be Free"

Introducing Jayde Riannia from Wolverhampton. A young, talented, emerging RnB artist with an alternative Neo soul melodic flow.

Jayde Riannia's passion and history with music reflects in her sound. Growing up highly influenced by RnB, Neo soul and reggae, her music is not just words, but narrative symphonies expressed from her core. Jayde describes her sound as;

"soft but soulful; urban & inventive; unique but inclusive of other sounds such as dancehall & rap on occasion."

Jayde would compare herself to Summer Walker, asserting that she can do a bit of everything. We asked Jayde Riannia; what or who inspired you to start making music?

"I don’t have a particular person who I’d say inspired me to start making music. What inspired me to make music was creative writing. It’s when I discovered I could sing and enjoyed it that I put a melody to it."

We were instantly captivated when we heard Jayde Riannia's debut single "Be Free" which includes an amapiano remix version, released on the 10th of October 2022. We asked Jayde: what inspired the lyrics for Be Free and how did the production come about?

"I was talking to foot's (the producer) about what to write; how I was having a conversation with my friend about how to not come across as a depressive artist, writing style, right how I am as a person etc so even though the beat to me is quite dark/more serious than the remix - I still wanted to write an uplifting song. I wrote the song as if I was talking to myself. As it was my first release, I wanted it to mean something - it’s kind of like a prep talk to get myself into zone now as it’s go time." Be Free - Remix "was all foot’s idea loool. I’m not a big fan of ampiano but, like I said I’m open to new things and I’m glad because it’s received great feedback"

Jayde Riannia is an artist entering the music industry with the right frame of mind; to always focus on making music, have fun and stay true to herself even if that means losing out on some opportunities.

"I will be who I said I am from beginning to end; I’m always happy to try new things but, as long as it’s within my means at ALL times. I’m aware this could make me miss out on opportunities, but I’ll always be able to create music - I won’t be able to try and get the public eye to see me for who I really am if I have to play something I’m not all the time."

"I have an EP that I’m working on. It will have 4 tracks on it. The idea is to introduce people to me and my different sounds/vibes that I have."

Jayde Riannia is a young, ambitious and versatile artist. Expect great things!


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