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Notts Singer 'Matt Darin' Debut with "I've Loved You A Long Time"

Matt Darin debut i've loved you a long time on QH Sound

Matt Darin, hailing from Nottingham, has taken a bold step forward with his debut single "I've Loved You A Long Time." The emotive track marks a significant evolution for the singer-songwriter.

After a transformative venture to California in his late teens to record an album with The Shrives, Nottingham’s Matt Darin has honed his indie/folk writing style through years of study and travel. This experience in America served as the catalyst for his artistic evolution, igniting his passion for writing music and shaping his distinctive writing style.

matt darin i've love you a long time qh sound

"I've Loved You A Long Time" peers into themes of grief, loss, and profound affection. Darin lays bare personal struggles with his lyrical craftsmanship, offering listeners an intimate glimpse of his journey navigating pain and resilience. Through thoughtful lyrics and arresting melodies, Darin's songwriting has reached new heights of profundity and emotional resonance. Where once his music ruffled feathers, it now stops you in your tracks with its intimate interiority.

This striking debut signals a pivotal moment of growth for Matt. Listeners will find much to appreciate in Darin's raw sincerity and maturity of expression. Matt Darin has truly introduced himself as an artist to watch.

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