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Newcomer 'Kali' Makes His Mark With Single "FLAIR"


Anonymous rapper 'Kali' is ready to make his mark on the UK music scene with the release of his head-bopping new single "FLAIR." The track showcases the artist's versatile style, blending elements of grime, drill and Afrobeats. With "FLAIR," Kali delivers a track that highlights his lyrical dexterity. The single showcases why his flow has been compared to artists like Dave and Skepta for its wordplay and cadence.

Kali hails originally from Kaduna in northern Nigeria. He got his start in the industry making music with friends as a pastime, he is now in full gear and ready to take his craft to the next level. Kali cites the therapeutic benefits of music as his inspiration to continue pursuing a career in the industry.

Looking ahead, Kali says listeners can expect his sound to continue evolving with each new release. Off the back of "FLAIR," he looks to leverage his unique Nigerian heritage and background to carve a niche for himself in the UK's vibrant music scene. Kali aims to stand out from the crowd with his blend of various influences.

"I move between styles like grime and Afrobeats quite fluidly depending on what feels right."

Stream Kali's new single "FLAIR" now and get a taste of what this rising talent brings to the table.

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