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Music Press Release: Free Guide & Template

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We have been seeing a lot of musicians asking how to write and send out press releases about their music. That's why we have put together this simple guide and template for a basic press release - just copy it, make your changes, and you'll be good to go in reaching out to reporters, bloggers, radio stations and more.

Remember, there are professionals available that can help you write your press release but we understand that you might be at an early stage in your music career, and finances can also be tight. So, we are here to help..



Artist or Band Name - Release title or announcement

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Section 1 - Quick summary:

Location-based (singer-songwriter, rapper, band, etc) "You or your band" are / is excited to announce the release of (description / adjective) new single "your release" on (date.)

Note: this is the grab, so make it as intriguing as you possibly can without being.. what's the word.. corny!

Section 2 - More information:

"Your new release" showcases your signature blend of this and that, taking influences from this person and that band to create a (describe the vibe and sonic) track.

Now tell us how the track came about, the producer, studio, etc. What made you write the song. Talk about the subject matter and how the overall single is unique yet relevant and worth listening to.

Remember this is your song so you should enjoy it and be able to tell people why they should listen to it.

"Include a quote from the artist or band, related to the release. A chance for you to show a bit of your personality" - (Artist or band name)

Section 3 - Biography:

Example for band:

Formed in 2015, Awesome Band is comprised of longtime friends Paul, John, Amanda and Ringo who all grew up loving the sounds of the 70s. Their live performances are high energy dance parties that will have you singing along to all their catchy songs. Influenced by greats like The Rolling Stones, Funkadelic and Prince, Awesome Band puts on a uniquely fun show you don't want to miss.

Section 4 - Past reviews / compliments:

"Great singer with an amazing voice" - QH Sound

"They put on a good live show, you need to see them!" - The other music blog

Section 5 - Closing:

Please contact for press or promotional opportunities.

Finally, list your socials and websites.


For music review, interview, feature and promotion on our news page, send your press release to

Good luck.



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