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Kraftwerk meets Florence and The Machine in PEARL’s latest song ‘Fish’

British singer-songwriter and producer PEARL's most recent single, 'Fish', has an enticing and natural feel to it; the production is driven by what sounds like a reverbed wood-based instrument; add in some synths, that are reminiscent of Kraftwerk's "The Model", and some of PEARL's ethereal, dreamy, Florence-like vocals that hit every note; the result is 'Fish', an amazing song that appeals to listeners of various genres and ages.

PEARL started exploring songwriting in 2013, whilst studying Creative Musicianship at ICMP.

"I really took my time to find my sound and climb out of the classical music box I had been put in. Ironically, choral elements and harmonies are now something I now really enjoy and draw inspiration from, despite distancing myself from choral music in the beginning."

Growing up in the English countryside, much of her childhood centred around building dens in the forest. Her lyrics nod to natural themes and a distinctive sonic world is created. A classically trained soprano, a soft vibrato tints her vocals and contrasts against contemporary synths and beats. Whilst studying Creative Musicianship at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, she developed her songwriting and production styles, heavily inspired by 'Sylvan Esso', 'BANKS' and 'Maggie Rogers'. Recorded and co-produced at Urchin Studios with Matt Ingram, 'Fish' blends organic and synthetic sounds, creating a warm, green, up-beat, and refreshing soundscape.


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