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JyellowL releases rich new single "Benteyga"

"Benteyga is an aspirational love song that basically says if you ride with me through these humble beginnings, then you’ll be right beside me in abundance." - JyellowL

JYellowL continues to break boundaries and exceed all expectations. His distinctive voice and lyrical prowess shine through once more, as he weaves a tale of humility, growth, and aspirations in his latest release, "Benteyga".

Now based in London and building on the remarkable success of his EP ‘Shades of Yellow’, JyellowL is back to assert his undeniable presence in the industry with this rich new track.

‘Benteyga’ is another masterpiece by J. Created with London-based producer Trey Qua, this summer anthem seamlessly blends rap, dancehall, and afro genres, creating a good vibe that connects with listeners. Drawing inspiration from iconic tracks like Drake's ‘Passionfruit’ and ‘One Dance’, the production showcases JYellowL's ability to merge diverse musical elements into a harmonious whole.

‘Benteyga’ signifies JYellowL's evolution into a new musical phase that promises to be as boundary-pushing and genre-blurring as his previous releases.

"Benteyga" by JyellowL is available on all streaming platforms.


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