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Introducing R&B sensation Immi Dash with 'You Ain't Good'

Tastemaker-approved R&B newcomer Immi Dash follows up on her sensational debut track with the slinky “You Ain’t Good”.

Continuing to showcase her undeniable potential, “You Ain’t Good” hears Dash’s

dreamy vocals gliding across a sinuous 3/4 track, pouring her soul into the emotional self-written lyrics – and just as on her debut single “Show Me”, Dash’s follow-up carries listeners into an emotional chorus with a modern twist.

Immi Dash made the following statement about the single:

"You Ain’t Good’ represents a moment of realisation in my life. I found that I was pouring all my time and effort into a relationship with a guy who didn’t truly care about me. Even after he did me wrong, I kept making excuses for him. It’s about the moment that you admit to yourself that a person is wrong for you, whether that’s romantically or not, and realising the version of someone you’ve built up in your mind is not what you see in front of you."

Born in Scotland to British and Trinidadian parents but raised in the US, Dash’s international background introduced her to a wealth of material which has seen her taking to the stage across multiple festivals and showcases across Europe and the UK. Already securing tastemaker support from the likes of Notion and Apple Music’s coveted “Brown Sugar” playlist for “Show Me”, Dash’s debut credibly introduced the youngster to a tastemaker crowd and put the soul vocalist on the map.

An intriguing newcomer ready to shine with an old-school sentiment, “You Ain’t Good” is a further introduction to the timeless vibes of Immi Dash – a fruitful 2023 lies ahead for this promising young talent.


Connect with Immi Dash:

Source: Hasan • Lucid Publicity



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