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Introducing Crabb with debut album 'English American' and awe-inspiring music video

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Crabb is your favourite musician’s favourite musician who has just stepped into the spotlight with a 12 track album 'English American' after 20 years in the making.

Beginning in the mid-90s, Crabb met and became close friends with producer Steve Brown (Cult, Manic Street Preachers) while at Sony EMI. For two decades the collection of songs that Brown would come to refer to as ‘old stock’ came together, taking influence from the musical styles it outlived.

'English American' is Brit Pop’s hedonistic daze meets the stripped back acoustic Blues and Folk/Alt Country with modern production.

The release of 'English American' on the 25th of January was accompanied with a music video for 'Mykonos', the 5th track on the album, based on a love letter from Crabb to his wife.

'Mykonos' is an acoustic adult contemporary track that boasts emotional resonance of Crabb’s guitar and powerful vocals. On it, Crabb plants a flag in the feelings of falling in love in your late 20s, marking that point for return across a relationship spanning decades.

'Mykonos' music video pairs Crabb’s musical performance with that of contemporary dancer Tess Howell, in London’s stylish Langdon Centre. Owned by the Downs Syndrome Association, the venue was chosen in part in support of the daughter of Mykonos’ engineer’s daughter, a wonderfully talented performer in her own right with Down’s Syndrome.

Crabb has made a grasping and lasting introduction with 'English American'. Our favourite track on the album is "Believe in Love".. the production, lyrics and Crabb's perfected vocals are beyond compare.


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