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Flamin Beatz Releases Musical Art-Piece "Show You Off"

Flamin Beatz show you off QH Sound qhsound

Renowned producer Flamin Beatz has unveiled his latest single "Show You Off," featuring the spellbinding vocals of Priya Mali. Drawing from a wide array of influences, Flamin Beatz has expertly woven together elements of classic R&B with a modern UK flair and the vibrant melodies of Indian film music.

Priya Mali Flamin Beatz QH Sound

We are reluctant to call this a 'song' as it is unlike anything that is currently out there. "Show You Off" sounds, feels and looks more like an experience.. An expertly crafted musical journey across genres. As Flamin Beatz puts it, "This isn't just a song, its a passion project.. A celebration of culture creativity and connection."

Flamin Beatz unveils SHOW YOU OFF on QH sound

Flamin Beatz assembled a roster of top-tier musicians to bring his vision to life. Violinist J Hope provides a mesmerising solo that adds lush texture, while vocalist XVR blck's dynamic talk box BV creates additional layers of sonic intrigue. Backing vocals from Teni Tinks and guitarist Gabriel's soulful melodies further enrich the composition. However, it is Priya Mali's captivating lead performance that elevates the track, carrying the listener on a journey of musical discovery.

The seeds of "Show You Off" were planted when Flamin Beatz discovered the viral Tamil film song "Hayodo" and was transfixed by Priya Mali's soulful rendition. Inspired to reimagine the track through his eclectic lens, Beatz has once again demonstrated his rare gift for crafting inclusive anthems that seamlessly bridge genres and cultures, bringing diverse listeners together.

Flamin Beatz: Instagram | Spotify

Priya Mali: Instagram | Spotify



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