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Liverpool-based band Draft 5 releases debut single "Fading"

Newly formed band Draft 5 was put together by the lead singer Shannon Peterson who previously used the name 'Draft 5' as a pseudonym for her releases as a solo artist.

Draft 5's transition to becoming a band happened gradually as Shannon started meeting and collaborating with the to-be members of the band through open mic events and her locally well known Red Shutter Club web-series. Draft 5 describes their sound "as indie rock with a hint of blues and a hint of grunge.. taking inspiration from the backseat lover."

American born and raised Shannon Peterson of Draft 5 moved to Liverpool 4 years ago to study and now intend on staying for as long as she can.

When asked how "Fading" came together, Shannon Peterson of Draft 5 said; "It’s a story following a conversation I had with a friend of mine trying to talk him through the end of a relationship, discussing how people almost change with the seasons."

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