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Discover R&B singer Maya Mae and "Delusional"

Having debuted in 2020 with her first single 'Leave Me Alone', followed with 'Breathe Me' and 'Delusional' Maya Mae creates a sound that could be described as a fusion of contemporary RnB and Pop. "Delusional" is an enchanting, well structured, short but effective song that speaks on the sexual objectification women deal with on a daily basis; Maya Mae delivers this message on "Delusional" in an endearing and captivating way.

Along with her passion for music; Maya Mae is also determined to cultivate her passion for filming and directing, this results in Maya writing screenplays and directing her own music videos. Surely working towards a future where she can write and direct visual stories for other artists as well. Being surrounded by music since birth, her goal has always been to make her music go global and touch as many people with it as possible.

Already well recognised for her angelic productions and mature songwriting, this is one artist to keep an eye on.


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