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Wild Celia are back with a gritty new single "Secret Moons"

Since our previous article introducing Wild Celia with "Waiting For The Love" released in 2022 a lot has changed for the London based duo and the music scene has since responded to the unique depth and vocal pitch of the of lead singer, Eimile. Inspired by female vocals of 70s / 80s rock artists such as Kate Bush and Fleetwood Mac, Eimile give listeners nostalgia of those iconic women who defined an era in music.

Wild Celia, now working with Michael Smith of RYP Studios are back bolder and stronger with an incredible new offering in the form of "Secret Moons" released under Marquee Records. Gritty, raunchy and raw, juxtaposed with flecks of Eimile's delicate yet powerful vocals. "Secret Moons" depicts the story of undeniable love that's led by a spiritual ethereal force.

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