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UPDATE: Nex Artist music platform and mobile app

Following our previous article introducing Nex Artist music platform and its mobile app that launched on the 9th of January 2023, the startup has since released several updates for its apps, resulting in a more polished experience and additional functionality for both artists and listeners. A recent update features the new tracks feed and upcoming events feed, where listeners can view the latest content from their favourite artists on the mobile app.

Joab Huntback, Founder and CEO of Nex Artist said: “I am delighted with the response we’ve received since the platform was launched. From what started as a hobby project has now been developed into a fully functional promotional service for artists and a discovery tool for listeners. As a startup, you have the benefit of being able to act quickly on decisions made and experiment with new ideas. By operating in this way, we can ensure that Nex Artist remains innovative and continues to deliver a quality music platform for all users.”

How does it work for artists?

Artists upload their tracks directly on the Nex Artist web app, define 30-second previews to showcase to listeners and provide the genre, BPM and streaming URL information. On completion of the setup pages, their profile will be discoverable on the Nex Artist mobile app and they can begin to make impressions to listeners. To understand their audience, artists can view the real-time statistics page to analyse metrics such as Impressions, Seconds Listened and Streaming Link Clicks.

How does it work for listeners?

Listeners on the mobile app can perform niche searches using a catalogue of music genres and BPM to increase the relevancy of artist results. Using their personal artists collection page, listeners can view the profiles of recently liked artists to see their bio, social media links and track previews. To hear their full tracks, listeners can tap on the link for their preferred streaming service.

The mission

Nex Artist’s mission is to support the growth of upcoming music artists by connecting them with a global audience of listeners, A&Rs and record labels. By adopting a technology-first approach, they aim to focus efforts on developing an innovative and reliable platform for all users.

Artists can register their artist profile and start promoting their music for free on the Nex Artist web app –

To view more information about the Nex Artist music platform, visit their landing page website at



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