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The 'Nex Artist' Mobile App

Nex Artist is a new music platform developed to promote and connect artists with listeners, A&Rs and record labels.

With the ever-growing scale of break-through artists worldwide, it has never been more important to dedicate attention on improving and optimising a collection of promotion tools and methods to help artists get discovered. Nex Artist is a new solution and bridge for the music industry.

The free mobile app scheduled to launch on 9th January 2023 enables listeners to search using a catalogue of genres and BPM. The pinpoint results from niche searches increases the likelihood that listeners are connected to the right artist and sound.

Artists profile will contain 30 seconds previews of their chosen songs, links to their social media pages and streaming platforms for listeners to hear the full songs.

Artists can now sign up for free ahead of launch to be featured as soon as it becomes available on app stores.



Listen to QH Sound Spotify Playlist

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