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Introducing 'Tochi' With Smooth Debut Single "Ihunanya"

Tochi releases debut single Ihunanya on QH Sound

Tochi, the London-based artist of Nigerian heritage, makes her grand entrance with the mesmerising debut single "Ihunanya." Released on June 7th, 2024, the track signifies the arrival of a unique new voice on the scene, one steeped in a diverse array of global influences.

Raised in the culture of Lagos before relocating to the U.K., Tochi channels the richness of her background into music. "Ihunanya" seamlessly blends Neo Soul, Jazz, Gospel and High Life into a cohesive soundscape that reflects her multicultural upbringing. Layering familiar melodies over distinct rhythms, the song traverses genres with impressive fluidity.

At its core, "Ihunanya" offers a heartfelt praise to the joys of newfound love. Drawing from personal experiences, Tochi paints a portrait of two individuals unexpectedly falling deeply for one another. She captures the sheer euphoria of commitment between partners, manifesting affection in its purest form.

In her own words, Tochi explains that "Ihunanya" envisions the happiness of being "in a relationship where both parties are fully committed to each other." She expresses how unexpected yet committed devotion can cultivate "the type of love where you randomly start smiling to yourself thinking about it."

With stirring vocals and poignant lyrics, "Ihunanya" promises to resonate widely. Tochi's auspicious debut heralds an artist poised to make her mark. Backed by this richly textured introduction, her new career is one worth following closely.

"Ihunanya" is available on all streaming platforms.



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