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JyellowL "Stepped In" with fresh new release featuring Kamakaze

Hip Hop artist JyellowL steps in to 2023 with a head-bopping bouncy singalong "Stepped In" featuring Mobo Awards 'Best Grime Act' nominated artist Kamakaze.

We discovered Ireland based artist JyellowL with "Yup Yup Yup", another of his many addictive singles released in 2022 as a recommendation by Spotify to feature on QH Sound Eclectic Playlist. We started paying attention to this incredibly talented and versatile artist after listening to his unique and diverse music catalogue.

A tongue twisting rapper with wordplays that keeps you discovering new interpretation of his lyrics, JYellowL is a cut above the rest.

JyellowL mentioned on a Instagram post that "Stepped In" is a very special song for him and it took a lot to happen, stating "I've wanted to work with Kam since both of our songs were on the FIFA 20 soundtrack, I just knew it would bang".

"This song is scientifically designed to make you unlock your highest and flyest self" - JyellowL

Here is our Q&A with JyellowL..

Can you tell us about yourself and background?

I was born in Benin-city, Nigeria to Nigerian/Jamaican parents. From childhood to my teens, I grew up in Nigeria but in between we had short stints in England. It wasn't till I was 13 going 14 My older brother and I moved to Ireland. I've been in Ireland ever since

Does your background have any influence in your music?

It absolutely does. I think, on account of my upbringing I'm very culturally informed because I've been exposed to many different ways of life, social nuances, communication, music, fashion, food etc. So, all of these inform my general perspective which ultimately informs my music.

How would you describe your sound and genre?

I think my genre is hiphop/rap at it's root but then it grows and branches into afro, soul etc. and creates this whole new sound of rap meets afro-fusion/futurism. I think if you listen, you can hear my story through my sound.

How do you want to come across as an artist?

I hope I come across as someone who is true to himself and his background. I want to be able to tell my story of an Afro-Caribbean immigrant who made Ireland home, but never forgot my home. I'm a representative of both and you can hear the voices of both sets of people through mine.

Any unusual moments or highlight thus far?

I thought I had seen it all on the job but less than two weeks ago my set got gate crashed by a drunk lady who fully just took the mic and started singing to the crowd haha it was a very weird 5 minutes and we were all so confused and didn't know what to do but I was so happy it happened so that I could say "yeah that's happened to me'

You recently opened for Burna Boy! Amazing! How was that and how did it come about?

That's crazy you know, I always create these storylines in my head for each new milestone and this one was 'from supporter to support act'. It's surreal for me because I've been a massive Burna Boy fan since I was in my early teens, before he blew in the west. It was so mad to think that I shared the same stage with him and I didn't feel out of place. Shoutout to Dj Ahmed, he came to my headline show 2 weeks prior and he really enjoyed my performance and insisted on having me on the lineup for the Burna show. You never know when an opportunity is around the corner, that's why at all times you have to put your best foot forward

What artists would you list as your inspiration or influences and why?

I have a lot of artists that inspire me both from a creative and business standpoint. I'd say J.Cole, Burna boy, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Damian Marley, Drake to name a few.

What song or songs do you enjoy performing the most?

It really depends on the show, the setting, the audience etc. 'Bitter' is sick to perform, 'Yup Yup Yup' gets the crowd involved, 'Oh Lawd' goes off everywhere.

Do you have other interests or hobbies?

Yeah, I'm big into football and fighting - mma and boxing. I support Man Utd the greatest club in the world.

Are you currently signed with any label or management?

I'm independently working through my own label now, JyellowL records. And I'm not anti-labels or anything like that, I just haven't received any offers that moved me so far.

What are your studio sessions like?

Most of my sessions are just me accompanied by my thoughts. I like to get in my head and really dig creatively and be free to express myself. Other times when they're more collaborative, I still like to establish a creative safe space, so nobody is shy or hesitant to lay down any ideas. A whole lot of trial and error.

What would you like to see more of to support emerging artists like yourself?

Honestly, I'd like to see more things that give opportunities to the public to support emerging artists. Whether that be exposure on radio, television, shows etc. just more initiatives that can bring emerging artists in front of bigger audiences.

What's next for JyellowL, what should we be expecting?

Expect to see different shades of yellow.


JyellowL • Oh Lawd


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