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Ellie Burke tells us about her upcoming debut release "The Moon"

Author: Amelia

Ellie Burke is a Liverpool-based soft pop artist who combines the writing and lyrical style of the genre with lo-fi beats. Ahead of her debut release, Ellie has played in iconic venues such as Liverpool’s The Jacaranda, Phase One and The Zanzibar, played live sets on KCC Radio and BBC Radio Merseyside, and can be regularly seen gigging and busking around the city centre.

Her upcoming debut single, “The Moon”, is a beautifully written song that showcases Ellie’s angelic vocals, drawing you in to her unique tone and ability to tell stories with her lyrics. When I first listened, I felt as though I was listening to a Sasha Sloan or Gracie Abrams song, with the smooth vocal of Holly Humberstone.

Ellie says her current musical influences include the likes of Sasha Sloan and Olivia Dean. When asked what and who inspired Ellie to start making music, she told us,

“My older brother was in a band when I was younger, growing up around music in this way was one inspiration for me to pick up a guitar. There are a lot of musicians out there that inspire me every day. My inspirations started with the Disney and Nickelodeon stars when I was young - Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and many more. I remember thinking “I just want to sing on stage like Hannah Montana or Demi Lovato”, and that’s when it really started. This pushed me to go to singing auditions when I was young and take up performing arts in school”.

This combination of influences has created an original sound and ability to tell her audiences stories through music, which is important to Ellie in how she wants to come across as an artist and to her fans.

“I would like to come across as an artist who writes relatable music. I love Sasha Sloan as she writes her deepest feelings and puts them into a song which I can relate to very strongly. I would like to have this impact on others, as well as being an artist people can listen to when life becomes stressful or overwhelming. I would compare myself to a few artists for different reasons. A lot of the songs I write are like the way Sasha Sloan writes. Sometimes I like to write music the way Taylor Swift does, with descriptive lyrics and storylines. A lot of Ed Sheeran’s older music also inspires my writing.”

“The Moon” clearly highlights Ellie’s musical influences and demonstrates a variety of styles that blend to create her unique sound. Ellie says she is listening to a lot different music lately, discovering pop/folk duo Smith and Thell.

“I want to evolve as a musician over the next few years. I want to evolve my sound, style, writing and find more musical inspirations. Now that I record myself from home, I want to learn how to produce my own music and I am excited to experiment with synths and different instruments. Since I have only been a full-time musician for just under two years, I still have a long way to go”.

After just two years in the industry, Ellie’s career is blossoming and making her an artist to look out for in the future, with an aim to release at least three more singles this year and play lots of live gigs. We asked how she feels people can best support independent musicians at the beginning of their journeys, and she tells us,

“I think more opportunity for music development should be available for aspiring musicians, cheaper courses for learning how to produce or market yourself, more original acoustic nights in local bars so that musicians can express themselves and more opportunity for paid work. Paid work is needed so that musicians can fund a regular life and pay for all the creative aspects of being an artist”.

Don’t miss Ellie play "The Moon" live at Liverpool’s HMV store on 25th March, as well as plenty of new songs!

You can now pre-save "The Moon" and will be available on all streaming platforms from 20th January


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