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Unsigned Collection is a series of eclectic compilation albums to discover emerging musical talents throughout the United Kingdom. Each volume in the series focuses on artists and bands from a specific region or county, highlighting the musical diversity found in various communities across the nation. 

The compilation CDs are promoted and distributed not only to music fans, but throughout the music industry. This includes record labels, radio stations, live venues, media outlets and record shops. By targeting these industry stakeholders, the goal is to help featured artists stand out from the vast amount of digital music, albums, playlists, and other content released every day. This nostalgic approach also recaptures the excitement of discovering new music in record shops.

Unsigned Collection Volume 1 was released on the 12th of April 2024. This volume highlights artists and bands based in Kent and is available free of charge in record shops throughout the county of Kent. The compilation shines a spotlight on the musical talents in this region and connect local artists to new audiences and industry opportunities.


Featured artists and bands are: Daniel McGuinness, Aid Lewis, Seek Harbour, Blaize China, Lee Willz, Kali, Jude Ness, Little Tealeif, Char.b, The King Rooks, grassmell, Charles HS, Kid Hue, The Super Micks, We Found The Wreck, Chidimma, Megan Wardroper, Matthew Wright, Jasmin Fairhall and a track by The Midnight River Crew featuring Isabella Coulstock.

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