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'Unsigned Collection' Cover Art Competition

Unsigned Collection CD Cover art competition

Calling all creatives: this is your chance to put your design skills to the test by creating the cover art for Unsigned Collection, an exciting new series of compilation albums that will give emerging musicians the platform they deserve. If your eye-catching CD cover design is selected, you'll will £100 cash and the prestige of being part of this game-changing project.

The eclectic album will feature talented new artists across genres, so bring your creative A-game to capture the spirit of Unsigned collection. You have until April 14, 2024 to submit your visionary designs. The winner will receive £100 and have their name featured in album credits.

*Showcase Your Skill

As an emerging graphic designer, opportunities to have your work featured are few and far between. This competition provides the ideal platform to showcase your creative skills to a wide audience. By crafting an impactful cover that conveys the eclectic nature of the music, you'll gain valuable exposure and a chance to be part of something truly pioneering.

*Build Your Portfolio

Winning or being a finalist in this competition is a accolade you can proudly display in your portfolio. Having real-world design experience will strengthen your credentials and open more opportunities going forward. Use this opportunity to push your creative boundaries and produce a cover that is both innovative and cohesive.

*A Generous Prize

The winning designer will receive £100 in prize money, but main reward is the chance to see your vision come to life as the official cover art. The thrill of having your design prominently featured, printed and distributed across the music industry will be worth more than any monetary prize.

*Design Specifications

The cover art should be designed for a standard CD case and sleeve. The dimensions are 4.75 inches by 4.75 inches, with a 0.25-inch bleed.

Design should be submitted as 300dpi JPEG or PDF file.

Yo have creative license for the overall visual design, colour palette and content, as long as it represents the eclectic nature of the music and the diversity of featured artists.

  • File no large that 10mb

  • Incorporate 'Unsigned Collection' prominently

  • Represent the eclectic nature of the album and the diversity of the featured artists.

  • Be eye-catching, bold and make a statement

  • Must have project file available

*Submitting Your Design

Designs should be submitted by email no later than April 14, 2024

  1. Email your design to

  2. Subject: Cover Art Design Comp

  3. in the email, include your full name, phone number, socials and a brief description of the design concept

We are looking at originality, creativity, visual impact and representation of music diversity.

The winner of the Unsigned Collection Cover Art Competition will be announce shortly after deadline date of 14th April 2024.

The £100 cash prize will be paid directly in to your bank account.



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