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QH Sound secures service partnership with WANDR DIGITAL

WANDR DIGITAL is a creative production studio specialised in visual production, content creation and strategy designs to enhance brand experience through thought-provoking concepts and visuals that challenge the status quo.

WANDR DIGITAL services include videography, photography, post and pre production.

Founder, Mert Kalem is a London-based photographer, videographer and content creator. Throughout his education and work life in Architectural Design, Mert dived into photography and filmmaking. After working as a freelancer for 3 years and developed his own style of work, new and exciting opportunities began to unfold, and he quickly realised that his passion had become his livelihood.

With the propensity to pick up the camera at a moment’s notice, his passion for creating pushes his perspective and vision.

Mert appreciates the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty of those in-between moments, and always capture every moment with that in mind. He wants his clients and viewers to relate to his content, to be able to connect and to feel the motion in his visuals.

Mert recently helped us produce Francesca Guerra's promo piece, filmed during her gig at Piano Smithfield and we were very impressed with his promptness, reliability and communication. WANDR DIGITAL services include photography, videography, pre and post production.

As we are developing services section on our website, we are pleased to confirm that QH Sound will be working with WANDR DIGITAL. More details of our service partnership will soon be announced.



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