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All aboard the SUCCESS EXPRESS

Success Express Music is a London based booking agency and event promoter with over 10 years experience working with unsigned artists and hosting music events of all sizes and genres. By putting artists at the heart of what they do, Success Express Music always deliver a unique experience for artists and the fans, bringing passion and attention to detail to every event.

Success Express has fast become a leading hub for creatives and audiences alike. Bringing like-minded people together to create a positive voice within the independent music and arts scene. Whether it’s providing artists with a platform to grow and flourish, or cultivating exciting events and new landscapes for audiences to discover a new wave of unique artists, venues and friends. Success Express is a supportive, honest and collaborative platform, providing a beating heart for the creative community.

The music industry is difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to getting performance opportunities. Success Express is a trusting, reliable platform bringing reassurance and offering a great opportunity to support musicians.

Success Express is a member of the Association of Independent Promoters (AIP) with a strict code of conduct and meets the Kitemark created with the Featured Artist Coalition (FAC) so artist can rest assured that they are in safe hand aboard Success Express Music.


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