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Jayde Riannia - Be Free (Remix)
Made In Kent Radio - Jayde Riannia
Flicky Freestyle — S2 Ep5 Jayde Riannia
Jayde Riannia - Be Free (Original)


A versatile, talented, emerging RnB artist with an alternative Neo soul melodic flow.


Jayde Riannia's passion and history with music reflects in her sound. Growing up highly influenced by RnB, Neo soul and reggae, her music is not just words, but narrative symphonies expressed from her core.

Jayde would compare herself to Summer Walker, asserting that she can do a bit of everything.

Jayde Riannia is an artist entering the music industry with the right frame of mind; to always focus on making music, have fun and stay true to herself.

Find out more about Jayde Riannia's lustful new single "Own It" here.


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